Why Network Marketing Has Become the Best Opportunity to Make Money

Network Marketing Has Evolved Into The Fastest Growing Industry Worldwide

Network Marketing Has Evolved Into The Fastest Growing Industry Worldwide

Let’s start by examining this title in a realistic sense, but first in order to do that I’d like to share a few interesting facts. After all no-one could be expected to make a decision on something without first having examined all the facts.

Network marketing is here to stay and by grossing a 167 billion dollar or 104 billion pounds sterling in 2012/13 it is clear to see why.


Network marketing as a solidified income and promotion solution was developed around 75 – 80 years ago, but some of the companies that adopted it at that time had already been actively distributing their goods and services through other similar methods.

In its infancy only a handful of people took on the role as distributors/agents by seeing the potential and they immediately latched onto the innovation and started to share what is now known as the business opportunity with others. Obviously at that time the income reward scheme was extremely basic and nothing like some of the much grander income reward and incentive plans that are offered throughout the world to modern day network marketers.

Nevertheless they were still able to supersede a day to day job income of that generation which has been the basis and stability that has kept the opportunity to achieve freedom and great lifestyles by becoming involved with companies that utilises network marketing as their sole attribute to their success.

According to the figures there are currently around 65 million people worldwide involved in the network marketing industry as agents/distributors with an estimated 150,000 people joining the industry every week.

Back in the late sixties and early seventies network marketing took a bit of a hit and gained its first real drawback as being possibly dishonest and unethical in its operation, both were later to be discovered as untrue.

What had actually happened was that some less scrupulous and perhaps even dishonest characters had stepped up activities of an age old illegal rip off system known as pyramid schemes which were devised with one simple purpose, to make the people at the very top very wealthy and the people at the very bottom very hopeful, but also very poor.

In most pyramid schemes there is neither a product nor products for sale and the basis in which it is projected that it can make a person wealthy very quickly is floored by a lack of equal opportunity for every person that joins.

In other words, due to the integrity of a network marketing system or direct selling system anyone can join and earn much more than the person that shared the opportunity with them, however this cannot be said for a pyramid scheme as the money always goes straight up and not down.

Thankfully the majority of these illegal scams and pyramid schemes are virtually nonexistent in the modern day world of ethical direct selling and network marketing opportunities due to carrying a hefty jail sentence for their operation which is now applicable across most of the world.

Also the evolution of the Internet brought about another wave of so-called unethical and non-viable money making systems which have been a trap for many thousands of people, nothing like the Internet marketing systems that are mainly on offer today.

By offering a potential member easy riches with a killer sales page the Internet scavengers could entice people to believe that earning money online took absolutely no knowledge and would virtually make them money while they slept after having what appeared as no formal online marketing training and very little in the way of back-up and support systems.

Easy money indeed and it was for the program creators and administrators who simply used their own expertise to market their system to harvest money from poor unsuspecting believers.

Even in a realistic world, how can anyone honestly expect to be able to promote a duplicated web-page to hundreds of thousands of Internet users across the globe offering them the exact same opportunity as they had just joined without any previous knowledge of (A) How to carry out effective Internet marketing and (B) How to operate and monitor some of the vast systems that gather online audiences without any proper training and a concrete system that could be followed.

On top of that was the traffic gathering systems that a money making program offered in its back-office as the way to make money also had a fee for either joining or on results of people provided even though they could not guarantee that the people would be the right people.

So as we can see the modern day network marketing and Internet marketing providers have had to ride many waves in order to be able to come out the other side bigger and stronger than ever before.

Not only that, but coupled with the economic grip that is leaving people running to hold onto every penny it is equal to a sight for soar eyes to many who still genially want to make their mark on society as well as install their efforts into a career that can not only be rewarding, but that can sustain them well for many years to come.

A modern day network marketing business opportunity has far more to offer in the way of freedom and long term security than pretty much most jobs available on the planet right now.

People are losing their jobs in the thousands every day due to company collapse or redundancy which is through no fault of their own and although a major life shock for every individual that it happens to they simply become just another statistic.

This results in more and more people applying for less and less jobs, and even securing yet another job the continual impact of our apparent economic demise eradicates any thoughts of long term security or as we used to have a job for life.

So what really is the alternative for creating anything like a bright and prosperous future? Well taking two jobs could be one solution, but even that still means working virtually every waking hour simply to have some money saved for the unforeseen and perhaps better quality produce around us.

As people become older their energy levels deplete and working hard into our 60’s or even 70’s is certainly not a pleasant prospect, when those should be the years to enjoy and reminisce about what great things life as a whole has provided for us over the years.

In a normal working lifetime the average person is expected to work for at least 40 years and in many cases more just to survive. This is not by working for themselves and so invariably their efforts are creating higher revenues for the company and bosses who employ them for an agreed wage.


Those who take the plunge by starting a traditional business can eventually hope to earn a higher income than someone working for a boss, but the risk and chance of success for more money is an ever rising gamble. Sadly most small business tend to have a run time of around five years and with more and more shops and building becoming vacant all the time this statistic is becoming even more painful.

That is without even taking into consideration of the costs involved with starting up and maintaining a traditional business, which in many cases can be crippling before even a single penny is made.

I am not here to try and cast a shadow on the society that we currently live in, but simply to highlight a few of the obvious, yet generally overlooked facts and statistics.

So it is now somewhat hopefully clearer to the meaning of our title “Why Network Marketing Has Become the Best Opportunity to Make Money.” Not simply because of anything catchy, but more so a balanced directive with genuine meaning.

Especially when taking into consideration the above information. Network marketing opportunities also known as direct marketing are becoming more and more popular with people as not only an alternative means of creating additional or extra income alongside a job, but also as a career choice for offering an alternative to that which a career orientated job used to.

So what is network marketing and why do we often see claims of relatively quick success for those who take the plunge and get involved.

Quite simply it is not network marketing nor the company that its name is attached to that is the provider of such claims, instead it is the system itself.

When we say the system it is a combination of this and the individual that is becoming involved in the system.

Every time it is the system that produces such high rewards, but based on an individual’s understanding and efforts to operate within that system effectively.

For instance, if we look at the statistics and growth patterns then surely people should be flocking to get involved with a network marketing company in their thousands, but they are not and it is not because they don’t believe it can work or that it doesn’t work.

It is because some people don’t fully understand its real abilities and fear getting out of their comfort zone doing something completely different for fear of what others might think of them.

On top of that there is a percentage that are not so much lazy as less willing to base their financial future on working some of their so-called leisure time for a two to five year period.

A majority of network marketers join a networking business tend to do it alongside a full time job, this is another benefit of a successful system allowing people to work as many or as few-a-hours as they can spare each month.

Now I grant you before I go any further there’s one factor that seems to steer some people off of the idea of network marketing altogether which initiates some kind of release that sends them into thinking it is a scam after all.

Most companies will have a joining or registration fee, that can be a few pounds or a couple of hundred, why not the majority tend to provide a higher value starter kit and literature than the cost of membership.

In actual fact they are subsidising people wanting to join based on that person succeeding and giving far more back to the company than a couple of hundred pounds in terms of new business and overall team input.

Another poignant back out expression seems to be some people have a preconceived notion that it is only the people that get in at the beginning are the ones that make any real money by having all the others below them.

That in actual fact is exactly that, a preconceived notion, as what they are really expressing is the exact misunderstanding that was generated by a system that we discussed above, the pyramid schemes.

In most network marketing companies there is an expression that is synonymous across the board that expresses that the person who will create the most money in network marketing hasn’t even joined yet. While this may seem unrealistic it is probably quite true.

So why do we hear about people quitting or slandering negativity around about network marketing not working etc. In a lot of cases the person didn’t even bother opening the business kit or decided that they would rather watch television than make money, or they did it for a week and didn’t become wealthy, and as crazy as that may sound that is exactly some of the reasons.

And there will also be those who really know nothing about network marketing, but think they do and blurt out that they had a friend once that did that and it didn’t work or was a rip off or whatever comes to the forefront of their mind, the one thing that is for certain here is that 9 times out of 10 if you suggest to these people that you take on-board what they say and ask for their alternative, they don’t have one.

In many cases these can be what are known as a dream stealer and they can even be our closest friend or even a relative. The reasoning behind their statement is that they are really saying they don’t want you to change by becoming a success and leaving them behind.

Another is that the person has ulterior motives and is trying to plug something else instead and they think by belittling an opportunity a person is more susceptible to their own offer.

Strange thing is that for all the reasoning behind why people don’t want to do it or don’t want someone close to them to do it there are 167 billion reasons that proves it works and to the tune of 150 thousand plus new members every week that are prepared to stand on their own two feet and put faith in a system that has been working for nearly a hundred years.


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Most network marketing business opportunities have what is known as a tier or step payment plan that allows distributors to earn income from day one, a good network marketing business opportunity will not require members to hold any stock or reach specific monthly targets.

The icing on the cake that allows people to base a career or financial future on a network marketing business opportunity is a royalty based payment scheme that kicks in once a distributor reaches a certain level on the tier system.

Residual income is money that is paid to distributors each and every month for work that has previously been completed in exactly the same way that a musician gains royalties from previously made records.

One key factor is that running your own business you won’t have a boss to tell you what to do and when to do it, so it is critical that anyone who joins a network marketing business maintains motivation.

A lot of the companies provide regular and big annual meetings which should be attended so as distributors can benefit from meeting like-minded people as well as hearing success stories and company updates and new launches etc.

Another benefit that a distributor will find is the support and guidance from the people or person that introduced them into the business, they are generally referred to as a sponsor or up-line.

Their up-line will guide and steer them each step of the way showing them how to grow and work their business in order to increase their income.

This generally involves being shown how to share the opportunity with others and introduce or sponsor people themselves and demonstrate to them how they can generate money by running their own network marketing business.

Now this may or may not sound complicated, but in essence the process really is quite simple and with the help of others already involved most of the possible obstacles have already been ironed out.

The general picture is this, you join a network marketing business with a product or products that you like the sound of and can see yourself showing and sharing with other people. You then learn the best methods of promoting these products from your up-line or sponsor.

Once you get going you can share the exact same opportunity with other people, again your up-line or sponsor will show you how to do this.

The people that you introduce then become members of your team and you now are not only getting paid a good percentage on your personal sales turnover, but also another small percentage on your team turnover.

As your team continues to grow by duplicating exactly what you have done then your income continues to grow and grow. Eventually you will hit the required level for the residual income to kick in and you get paid a residual income on your team turnover for life.

The other thing about a network marketing business is the fact that a person taking the business seriously from day one and works it will not only be able to leave any full time employment in a relatively short period of time, but will have created enough success in two to five years that will be paying them many thousands in income every month.

That is where the expression, you can work 40 years and at the end of it have nothing or very little or work for 2-5 years alongside your job and be financial secure for life. It’s the 40 year plan verses the 2 to 5 year plan.


It has been my hope to convey not only a comprehensive overview into the background of a business opportunity system that many people have embarked on and found a true value for the meaning of enterprise, but also to give you an in depth look at a resource that is not only a genuine way to make money but one can also provide you with long term security.


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Letting go of a thought process that has been instilled into us since birth can mean a dramatic change, but it is by making those changes in our lives that can bring about the freedom, lifestyle, and security that we set out to achieve in the first place.

We are governed and restricted by our peers who tell us we should maintain normality and live our life as everyone else lives theirs, we are not allocated an insect mentality we are unique living in a society of opportunity, conformity, poverty, and suffering, it is up to us as individuals to choose which path suits us best.

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